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North Bangkok University

North Bangkok

North Bangkok University Institute for Higher Education Management began operations in 2544 as the first year of teaching in the school year. With a determined executive institutions. To produce graduates who are both moral and academic who has vision. The knowledge gained can be applied. To fit the social environment and the economy is going. In the development of the country. And development of a center Learning science center in various fields, academic services. Both domestic and international society.

North Bangkok University is an institution that has experience. The implementation of education for a long time. Colleges are ready In teaching And with expertise in integrated teaching. Which can draw on advances in modern technology. Teaching and accessories With a concentration in English The university is an institution of higher education The science is leading the way in many fields completely.



North Bangkok University is an institution to be set up. To develop a graduate student who was endowed with virtues such as professional ethics. Have the discipline to work as a responsible and socially. And the quality of the profession. Integration of knowledge that has been adapted to suit the society with a visionary. The university also promotes Support and Danu Thailand include nurturing cultural institution as a center for learning and research in various fields of science. This will entail cooperation with the organization. Both at home and abroad And maximum benefit for both. The Teaching and Learning And social services


Academic Excellence Exalted virtues Leading Technology

       North Bangkok University education to achieve. Excellence and universal To graduate, high quality and can be an asset to a major force. The country, which is an important factor in the competition between communities also focus on ethics in the minds of students by encouraging students to adhere to a lifestyle coupled with education to enlighten and strengthen human. perfect quality, both inside and outside and is a good example as a leader in social cues Thailand. To give the correct direction. And to develop the country. Prosperity has finally The university has embraced advances. All forms of technology used In order to teach discipline and system. Management of North Bangkok University is internationally comparable. With other civilized country, which will benefit students and graduates overall. In order to study at a higher level. Both at home and abroad, including. To bring awareness to the profession as well.

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