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Krirk University

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Krirk University has launched its first operation at the building when he journeyed 2495 (1952) ratchadamnoen. 

Dr. Kroek Mangkhlaphrik (2458 (1915)-2521 (1978)), which is the educators who are famous both at home and abroad.

Krirk University professors received his honorary education from David & Elkins  University United States. The aim of the first stage in the University area to continue teaching in English, but only because he has a special ability in the English language, both in terms of teaching and learning and experience from working that you.Thayakhon the first modern English teaching which aims to provide students with knowledge in the English language, and can be used effectively. Best name of the Institute, as a While it is "language schools and colleges." But many people recognize the name of the school on behalf of school teachers has always been krirk.

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University Enrolment Center

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