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Mahachai Institute of Automotive Technology


Institute of International Operations Automotive new model. Integration with work. Focus on ethics, knowledge, skills, intellectual skills, interpersonal relations. And responsibility An institution of higher education in the Intellectual Education Action Group which was established over 20 years with the ideas and aspirations of the Master, Dr. loyal base, Intelligence and Master Dr. Mali Base intellectual founders are committed to. From artisans to produce graduates technology. Level managers with knowledge and skills in the field of automotive technology. Thus, the project established by the Private University Act commandments private EducationInstitutions 2546 and received a license to establish a private university official on 31 July 2555.

     Mahachai Institute of Technology On the area of 11 hectares has prepared a comprehensive plan to teach the learner to build. Quality graduates in academic and practical. As well as provide space to suit the learning activities. Teaching planned by students and provide space for other activities. Enriches life within institutions such as classroom, meeting rooms, enhance self-learning hospital cafeteria, convenience store plaza and the stadium area divided proportionately and in accordance with the purpose of enhancing the skills of learning. comprising student housing 5 floors with many amenities. Ideal to study whether it is truly classrooms, libraries, science laboratories. Computer room Theater And for promoting self-learning. The Internet network that covers the entire building. And building technology centers and training of two high school buildings. Skills from real cars from Asia and Europe to learn equipment. The advanced technology of the car For teaching and practice really full. The UPS has a learning with specific software applications for spacecraft. Motor many countries around the world. Active for students to learn both the theory and practice of skills. Automotive technology more effectively.

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