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The History of E.TECH

E.TECH was established on the site of the old Phanthong Technical/Commercial School. A joint development of 7 local business people headed by Mr. Thamrong Suksawas, E.TECH Co., Ltd. began with 17 teachers and 100 students on October 2th, 1983.


The first committee of E.TECH Co., Ltd. consisted of:


  • Mr. Thamrong Suksawas
  • Mr. Somchai Ngamwongwan
  • Mr. Sommay  Lab –anan
  • Mr. Sakchay Paiboonnantapong
  • Mr. Puchong Boonyaratanasoontorn
  • Mr. Theera Kittikunapong
  • Mr. Pichai Kittikunapong


The white and blue E.TECH logo consisting of an industrial cutting blade and a book was introduced to symbolise the original E.TECH policies of efficient organization, qualified staff, and high quality graduates. Committee member Mr. Somchai  Ngamwongwan secured accreditation for  the College and Mr. Prasert  Klinchoo was installed as College Principal.


Below is a timeline of significant expansions throughout the years:


  • 1983 – Main auditorium constructed.
  • 1984- 4 storey building 2 block added and workshop for civil construction and Guan-Im and Vishnu Shrines established.
  • 1986- 4 story building block 3 added  for Auto Mechanics, Electrical Power and  Electronics.
  • 1989 -  The E.TECH Cafeteria and school supplies store constructed with annexes for school library and music rehearsal.
  • 1990- 2 storey workshop for Auto Mechanics  established.
  • 1993- 2 further stories  added to the Auto Mechanics workshop.
  • 1994- 4 Stories  Central Administrative building established wit upper floors  housing computer training facilities. Buddhist Shrine “Phutasihing” added and waking bridge completed over Sukprayoon road.
  • 1995 – Multi- function sports field/ Assembly area completed
  • 1998-  5 Storey building added to house Foreign Language Center
  • 1999 -  4 story building replaces old Civil Construction building.
  • 2000 – Building 3  renovated to be fully air conditioned.
  • 2001- Main Multi Purpose “ Arena1” constructed
  • 2002 – Classroom annex building 11 added as support for external programs(Rajamangala etc.)
  • 2003- Improved  and  extended  internet facilities and upgraded  computer hardware.
  • 2007 -  ‘Computer Graphics’ course opens with students using iMac computers.
  • 2010 -  Land plot to the rear of college secured  for multi purposes.
  • 2011 – Name  changed from Eastern College of Technology to Eastern Technological  College                            Restrooms throughout the college modernized and campus landscaping redesigned.
  • 20112- Mega- dome installed to cover assembly area.
  • 2013-  Support annex 12 constructed after enrollment exceeds 10,000 students used for Higher Vocational Certificate in Business Management  under the Directorship of Ms. Amporm Ountasoon
  • 2014- Food court  constructed with  larger mini mart. Mega dome cover installed over rear multi purposes open area.


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