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Logo and Meaning




The logo visualizes symbiosis in industry and learning emphasising our cutting edge attitude towards innovation. In more detail The white and blue E.TECH logo consisting of an industrial cutting blade and a book was introduced to symbolise the original E.TECH policies of efficient organization, qualified staff, and high quality graduates.


School vision

At E.TECH our vision is to be the leader in Vocational Education nationwide  and  to provide quality education  through utilising campus wide organizational administration.


Our Mission 

The school aims to produce graduates in Vocational Education in both business administration and technical fields, fully equipped  to meet the needs of employers. The school also strives to maintain the National Standard  of Education as stipulated by the Dept. of Vocational Education. Moreover, the school uses Information Technology extensively both in administration and teaching practices in support of our philosophy to “develop talented, decent individuals”.


Our Philosophy

At E.TECH our philosophy consists of developing talented and decent individuals.





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